Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Swan tutorial

Good Morning,

Here is the swan tutorial for those who were interested.
I always put my units in circles while I was folding them. One circle equal 100 units. Somehow it seem faster for me when I put my units in circles.

We are going to go by row.

First row will use 30 units. Apply glue only at the bottom. See picture. Glue all the 30 units

like this.
Glue ends together like this.

Then turn it like this. Wait until glue dry completely before start row 2.

Row 2 also used 30 units. Note how I interlock the second row. The longest size of the unit is facing up. Interlock between two units in row 1. NO Glue needed from here on.

Row 2 completed.


Row 3 also used 30 units. Note how I interlock on row 3. The longest size of the unit is facing down. This is how you are going to interlock the units from now on. Also start shaping the base of the swan. See picture.

Row 3 completed.

Continue with the following rows:
Row 4: used 30 units

Row 5: used 30 units

Row 6: used 30 units

Here is the picture of row 6 completed.

Row 7 is where you are going to divide the wings, the tail, and the neck. I splited the base in half. Then from the red ribbon I skipped three pointy. See next picture.

Row 7: (from here on you are going to work only on the two wings).

Add only 12 units on each wing. I used a different color so it'll be easier for you to see.

Other end of row 7.

Row 8

Add only 11 units on each wing.

Row 9

Add only 10 units on each wing.

Keep reducing one unit as you move higher on the wing.

Row 10 used only 9 units on each wing.

Row 11 used only 8 units on each wing.

Row 12 used only 7 units on each wing.

Row 13 used only 6 units on each wing.

Row 14 used only 5 units on each wing.

Row 15 used only 4 units on each wing.

Row 16 used only 3 units on each wing.

Row 17 used only 2 units on each wing.

Final row used only 1 units on each wing.

After completed the wings go back to row 7 (where the wings were created). You are going to create the tail and the neck.

Add 3 units on the tail size and the neck size.

Add 4 units on the tail size and the neck on row 8.

Add 3 units on each size to row 9.

Add 2 units on each size to row 10.

Add 1 unit on each size to row 11. The tail size is now completed.
Use 30 units to make the neck like this and place it on the size for the neck.

Make two circles. 55 units for the bigger base and 45 units for the smaller base.

Stack the smaller base on top of the bigger base like this.

Place your finished swan in the center. You can leave the wings like this
Or turn them out like this. The wings are flexible since no glue was used. Once you've decided on the wings style use liquid glue (like Podpodge) to glue on the inside of the swan.

If you make one, I would love to see it.

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Cindy Van Sluys said...

OMG! That is awesome and a ton of work! Would make a great table centerpiece for a wedding shower.


Patti said...

Love it...I did one a few weeks ago too! I wish I saw your blog first, I had to figure mine out from some pretty hard to follow (and incorrect) instructions. I just submitted mine as an entry to the state fair.

I made a Christmas wreath for her neck, but don't have a picture on my blog yet :)

Princess said...

Are you insane? This is AMAZING. I wasn't going to leave any more comments...but now that I've seen this...holy smokes. I...I'm speechless. Wow!

Gaby said...

Wow, great job. This is amazing.

Merry said...

OMG....that is so amazing you must have so much patience. I will just have to become a follower to see what other amazing creations you come up with.