Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dollar Bill Ring

I had a few requests for a simpler origami. So I thought I will do a tutorial for the dollar bill ring.
You will need a crisp dollar bill.

Step 1: Place your dollar bill face up. Fold the bottom edge up so that just the back bottom margin shows. Crease well.
Step 2: Fold the top half down and tuck under the bottom flap. Crease well.
Step 3: Fold the top half down again. Note: the word "ONE" upside down.
Step 4: Turn the bill over (from right to left). Note: now the number "1" and the word "ONE DOLLAR" is right side up.
Step 5: Note the "N" on the above picture. Make a verticle fold on the "N" in ONE. Now you should be able to see half of the "N" in ONE when you are done. Crease well.
Step 6: Turn the vertical part over to the right, as shown. Crease well.
Now you should see "1 one" at the top of the vertical flap.
Step 7: Turn the bill over (right to left). It should look like this. Short vertical and long horizontal.
Step 8: Pick up the bill in your left hand. (Use index finger and thump) Wrap it back around your left index finger. See next picture.

Bring the end always over so the eagle ends up upside down right under the vertical flap.
Step 9: Fold the vertical flap down. So you get this.
Step 10: Fold the flap on the left over to the right and centered the "1" and tuck the excess (white area) under.
So you get this.
Step 11: Turn the ring over so you can see the inside. There should be a diagonal slot behind. Tuck the flap into the slot to secure the ring.

Neat isn't it? Wear it with pride.
If you have questions, leave me a comment. Also leave a link so I can see your work.
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Whimcees said...

I made one! :<} My son will think this is cool!

Barbara Diane