Friday, December 21, 2012

Crochet 18" Doll Clothes # 1


  My daughter is into doll because our next door neighbor has an American girl doll.  If you don't have little girl, you most likely won't know that American girl doll cost  $105 each and the accessories run between $7 - $120. 

I found out that AC Moore and Joann Fabric carry Spring Field doll collection and they are MUCH cheaper compare to the AG doll.  I got one Spring Field doll for my daughter from AC Moore for $13 including taxes.  The only different between the AG doll and the Spring Field doll is the hair.  AG doll has nicer hair then the Spring Field doll. But for the price that I am paying, we're both happy.   

Next came the doll accessories.  They are so cute! However, I don't want to pay for them because I think I can make them and I did.

Here is my third try on the crochet shirt.  I followed the tutorial here.  I decided I only wanted to make the top.

I didn't really like the neck so I created my own pattern.  And here it is.

I made the neck lower.  Although, it show the neck join, I really like the dress shape and the way it fit the doll.  I wish the dress fit me. (lol)  My daughter wanted one for herself.  I told her maybe. I will share the tutorial at another time.

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

Will return after the New Year.

Cyber hugs to all my blog friends, 



eva said...

Good luck and happy new year

Patty O'Malley said...

So cute! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Ann said...

Great buy on the doll and the shirt and dress you made are great. That dress is really cute.
Happy Holidays to you also, see you next year :)

CG said...

So pretty! Happy holidays to you & yours. Best, CG

Merry said...

YOur purple version of the dress is stunning. The pink is lovely too....I can see lots of creations coming in the new year. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas

i cant decide said...

Very cute! I love the dress. How does the doll's hair hold up. We found american girl like dolls at Target but their hair turned into a rat's nest even though we were careful with it. I'm trying to find an alternative doll with better hair.

Rae said...

Hi Helen, Glad you and your daughter were happy with the doll. The things we go thru for our children! I hope to get back in the loop, but I am not there yet! Happy New Year!

Jan Hennings said...

What beautiful pieces!! Happy 2013!

SUGANTHI said...

The second doll dress looks so gorgeous. How well it fits. You are clever.