Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Cards


We had a gorgeous weather over the weekend.  The snow were melting and we finally saw the grass for once in a long time. But more snow is on the way.  Oh, well, it is still winter after all.

Any way, I made these cards awhile ago.  They looked like I spent a lot of time on them but they are quick cards.  They are all the same layout just different color.

I had a hard time finding nice buttons for the doll clothes.  My niece told me a thrift store in Philadelphia. I drove by that place all the time but never went in.  Until last Saturday I went in oh boy so many buttons. They store them in big plastic containers.  I had to search for the buttons that I like.   They are 10 cent each no matter size or design. I went for the big and fancy looking ones. I thought it was a good deal.    What do you think?

These are my favorite.  They are about 3/4 " big.

Have a wonderful week a head.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Knit Pink Dress


We were just started to see some ground but last night mother nature dumped another 2" of snow.  I wanted to see color beside white, white and more white for the past 2 months so I made this dress.  Isn't it adorable? I made the skirt part really fluffy.  It is very pretty but oh it took so long to knit each row.  You can find lots of free pattern  here.  However, I always changed the pattern to feed my need.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple Get Well Card


Quick and simple get well card.

Another round of snow is coming, stay warm.