Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Triple String Art Ornament/Mobil

Good Afternoon Everyone!

A very short post. I put together another string art ornament/mobil.  This time it's a triple one. It has two sizes so it can be hang on the tree, on the window, or from the ceiling.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

String Art Ornaments

Hello Bloggers,

I made a few ornaments using the half finished string art that I shared last week.  I know it's a bit early for ornaments but I need to have them ready just in case I need it.

I used two circles for each ornament one for the  front and one for the back.  For these stitching I used the crochet thread size 20. It gave more dimension.  I like it better than the embroidery floss. I was trying to see which embellishments look better.  For the first one I used half back pearls and the second one I used clear rhino stones.  I like the pearls one better.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Believe White Silhouettes


I love all kind of cards, pop up cards, interactive cards, and simple cards.  However, I am leaning toward simple cards because they are quick and easy to make yet still look nice.  

So here are two simple cards using SU Just Believe stamp set.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.  If you are in the hurricane Irene path, I hope you have a safe and comfortable place to stay.  My prayer to you all.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hand Stitched Flourish Card

Good Morning Bloggers,

I stitched this flourish last year and just let it sat there.  A habit that many crafters did. I just finished putting the card together before the break but never had a chance to share then.  So here she is
It is a very simple lay out using scraps.  If you like the bow, check out my tutorial here.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Half Finished String Art

Hello Bloggers!

Welcome my new followers.  I am so glad my blog interested you.

I am glad to be back home! The break was over and now it was time to go back to work and back to blogging, yay!  While I was away from home and from blogging,  I was making these during my free time.  I stitched about 40 pieces of these string art.

But that was not all

Here are all the stitching that I've been working on for the past three weeks.  I counted them. I couldn't believe it! There were 96 pieces in this photo and then I found 6 more pieces.  So, yes! I stitched 100 string art!  I know, WOW!

Here are a few individual.

Some of them will be ornaments and some of them I will use them to alter tin cans and wooden boxes.I can also use them on cards.  What would you use them for? The inspiration of these circle string art was from here.  I looked at Stefani string art and I created my own templates.

If you are interested in the templates, I do have them for sell.  Further details on the templates on a later post.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Paper Bow Tutorial

Good Morning,

If you are new to this post, welcome, I am glad you are here.  If you are a return visitors, I am glad you are back again.

Please respect my time and my willing to share.  If you made the origami bow using this tutorial and you have either one of these facebook, yahoo group, blog, twitter and others  please share the link to this tutorial.  Sharing is what making blogging fun.

I saw this origami bow tutorial here.  However, it was in another language and many of you needed a written tutorial plus pictures tutorial, so here it is. 

A 3" x 3" paper would make a nice bow for greeting cards.  I used 4" square for the bows that I made for the cake here.

A thin pattern paper would make a beautiful bow.

If you are using double side pattern paper place the side that you want down.

Mountain fold horizontally, crease well, then unfold. Rotate 90 degree

mountain fold, crease well and unfold.

you should have this.
Flip the paper over, valley fold diagonally, crease well, and unfold. Rotate 90 degree

valley fold, crease well and unfold.  You should have this: 2 mountain fold lines  that looked like a plus sign.  And 2 valley folds that looked like an "X".
Follow the creased lines and fold your paper like this

Press it down and fold the "closed" side about 1/2" down like the picture below, crease well.

Open your paper completely like shown.  As you can see there is a small square in the center and the creased lines are not the same.

You are going to mountain fold those lines or the small square.

like this
refold the paper like the 7th picture above except
you will push the small square down like this
you paper now should look like this with two layers.
fold the top corners down like this

turn the paper over and repeat
you are going to open the paper,  making sure your folds (small square) stays in place.
it should look like this after you opened the paper.
Turn the paper over, make sure you place your paper like in the photo.   Cut at the fold (where the black lines are.)

After the cut you should be able to move the two pieces up and down. These two pieces will be the bow tails. 
Fold the top piece down and fold the edges
of the side pieces down like shown

fold the other edges up and over lab the previous fold  a bit. 
now working on the bow tails, fold the edges in then cut both pieces at the center where the black line is (make sure don't cut the small square on the bottom)

then fold it like shown

turn it over
fold the bow tip under the center square
cut the bow tails and you are done!  It wasn't too hard right!

I was in a rush putting this tutorial together so some phrase might not be clear but I was hopping the pictures will help. 

I just reopened my ETSY SHOP.  I will be adding more new items soon.  Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crumb Cake Silhouette

Hello Bloggers,
This is a really quick and simple card and I like it very much.

The ribbon was from BBCraft.  The pattern paper was from DCVW La Cream pack and the rosette was made by me.

I am putting the paper bow tutorial together and hopefully will be done by this Friday.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Just For You Card

Hello Bloggers!

This card was inspired from a card I saw on SCS.  I changed the stamp image to Inspired by Nature from Stampin' Up! 

I was thinking of masculine card and I think this fit it.

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