Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Card

Happy Halloween!
I did not own any Halloween items including papers and stamp set.  Except this greeting from "All Holiday" set. These papers were from the paper sampling.  I saw this pinwheel card on my up line's blog.  She had a video tutorial for this card and it was just what I was looking for.  So I made this card.  I meant to add ribbon under the oval scallop but I forgot.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids' Halloween Treat Boxes

Good morning,
I finished these just in time. There were 46 pizza  treat boxes.  These were last minutes treat boxes that I made for Ray and Jay to take to school.   I started these treat boxes this past Sunday and finished them yesterday.

 I like this hand ripped edges but after that five pieces I couldn't handle any more.  My fingers were so dried.
 So I dug out my ripped edge punch that I never used before. I am sure some of you could relate to that, bought something and never used it.  I got 16 treat boxes done with that punch and then I am done with it.
 The rest of the mummies are going to be plain.  I got several Frankenstein treat boxes also because I got bored after seeing so many mummies.  The mummies treat box was inspired from here.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first Quilling projects

Good Morning,
I couldn't wait to share this with you.  I tried quilling once several months ago but felt intimidated by it and stopped pursuing quilling until last week.  I saw this snowflake   here.  I normally do not care much about snowflake.  I think they are pretty but they never got my attention until I saw this one.  As soon as I saw it I stopped everything.  I got my paper and cutter out and started working.  After about two hours or may be longer I got my first quilled snowflake.  I used toothpick for my quilling tool.

I really like it a lot.  So, another  hour and a half later I got another one here.  I added a diamond shape between the circle.

After making the two snowflake. I wanted to try something else  and  I got this.  Impressive isn't it?  I know I can't believe myself either. (lol)  This thing is so addicted.
And look at this one.  Cute isn't it?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini pumpkin baskets

Good Morning,
Here are a few more of the Halloween treat boxes.  I saw this cute little basket here.   I had to make one right away. After I finished this one, I couldn't stop there, I had to make a few more.
 Here they are.
Doesn't this one looks like Cinderella's carriage?
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Frankenstein treat box

Well, since Halloween is this weekend, I thought I'll do some Halloween crafts.  This is a box I made using the Stampin' Up! TopNote die.  I've seen lots of him.  This is my version.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Waterfall Album

Good Morning,
Today I like to share another waterfall album.  FREE instruction here.   I used the retired Walk in the Park designer papers and SAB DSP.  Yeah, I still have a few sheets of the SAB papers.

Here are some of the inside pages.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tracy's Birthday Card

Good Morning,
Today is a very dear friend of mine birthday.  Happy birthday, Tracy! I decided to add the seasonal colors and the pumpkin for the card.  If you are a frequent visitor, you know I love 3 D.  So I punched out several small ovals and made the pumpkin. I saw this pumpkin on a few blogs.  But I learned it from my former Creative Memories Consultant, Maritza, a few years ago.  The stem punch is a funny looking star from Creative memories.  I also decided to add the black eyelet border punch since Tracy's birthday is pretty close to Halloween.

Here is the inside.  I hope Tracy likes it.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another origami Star

I hope you've enjoyed the star tutorial from my past post.  Today I have another kind of star origami to share with you.  These stars were made from straws.  No not the drinking straws! Although drinking straws can also be used to make these stars.  These straws were special made for the stars. The straws were about 3/16" x 18".  Yes, the stars were very small.  Smaller than a dime.  O.K I am going to stop rambling and let's start with the tutorial. I am not going to let you work with those small pieces so I increased the paper size to 1/2".  I know it's still very small.  Bigger pieces than that won't look nice.

                                          Material needed: 3 strips of 1/2 x 12
Step 1: fold one strip in half and unfold to make center line.  The other twos strips are for extension.   
 Step 2: fold the bottom half to the right under center line.
Step 3: fold top flap down.
Step 4: fold right flap over to the left.
 Step 5: fold corner in to form a triangle.
Step 6: turn the entire piece over to the right. Position like picture below.  The triangle that you've just made should be under.  Repeat step 3, 4, and 5.
 After two times, your piece should look like this. Keep repeating  step 3, 4, and 5 until you have seven triangles.  This will create a six points star.  If you want a five points star, just make six triangles.
Step 7:  Insert the first triangle into the last triangle.  This will create the star base.

Step 8: Wrap the two flaps by going up and down and around the star base.  Extent the paper when needed.
 When done, cut off the excess paper diagonally and apply a little glue.
So you'll have this.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tri-Shutter mini album

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  This TriShutter mini album is so addicted.  It is so easy and fun to make.  This is my second one.  I made my first one a few weeks ago and Pat wanted it as soon as she saw it. Hopefully Pat is enjoying hers (Hi Pat).  I got the idea from here.  This is the front of the album.

This is when the two front covers  are opened.

Album opened.  Since this mini album hold less then 10 pictures, I made a pocket behind all the picture panels for journal.
The colors I used for this album are Certainly Celery, black, So Safron pattern papers and Whisper White.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pop up cards tutorial is coming

Good afternoon,
Just a quick note.  I have quite a few people email me  regarding my pop up cards.  I had been thinking and now I have made my decision.  I am going to do the tutorial on the pop up card sometime next week.  So make sure to check back next week.

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Accordian flower

Good Morning,
I just can't have enough of these pizza boxes.  They are so darling cute. I've made so many of them.  Today beside sharing the pizza boxes, I wanted to share with you how I made my accordion flowers.
Here it is.  You will need  2" x 6" pattern paper.  I used the scallop edge punch and punched out the edge of my 2 x 6 on both end. Make sure that the scallops are lining up on both end.  This way I don't need to make the score line.  The scallop edges will guide me as the score lines.
 Fold a long the scallop edge like this.
Apply adhesive and pinch it close.
 Repeat the other side.
Punch a small flower and use medium glue dot to hold the flower together like this.
Here are a few more.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Pop up cards

I really enjoy making these pop up cards.  I like it so much I made two more.  This first one here I used the StazOn ink on white shimmery card stock.  Then I colored the rose using the stamping pastel Cameo Coral.  I decided to try using brads and the elastic cord to hole the card close. 
 Card viewed from the side.
                   Here is the inside.  I decided to leave one section undecorated so I can write  a short message.

 Here is another one.  This is my favorite.  You can't really see the glitter here.  There are glitters all over the rose and the butterflies.
   Here is the inside.
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P.S.  A very nice and embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday.  After I drop the children off at school, I went to Amelia (grocery outlet).  I was going there to get  milk and a few boxes of cereal.  By the time I was at the check out lane my cart was half filled in.   I knew the place do not except credit card.  Can you believe that?  So I was a few dollars short.  I asked the cashier to take out one item but she didn't and the lady behind me offered to pay the different!  I was shocked!  Won't you? Her name was Eneat. (Is that how it spell?) I didn't want to except her offer but she insisted. So I excepted.  I asked  for her address so I can send her money back but she said no needed. I felt so BAD and EMBARRASSED after I take her money.  I told her that I will donate her money to a charity and she thought that would be fine. Now that I share this event with a few of my readers I felt much better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pop up cards


I made two more of this pop up cards.  This is my second card. 

 Here is the inside of the card.  I wasn't  really happy with the result.  Some how it looks like something is missing.
 So I made another one.  This one I rotated the way I opened the card.  It is opened from the bottom up.  I used shimmery card stock and just stamped the Fifth Avenue floral using StazOn ink for both the butterflies and the rose. I stamped the roses three times and cut them out for the pop up look.  I used lots of dimensional.  I used clear Velcro to hole the card close.
Here is the inside for my second card.
I hope you've enjoyed today post.  Have a wonderful day.