Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Good Morning Everyone!
This post will be my last post for 2010.  I will return to posting again sometime in January.  Before I leave I would like to wish my dear readers and followers A Wonderful Holiday and A Happy New Year! A BIG THANK YOU  to everyone who took the time to leave me sweet and kind comments.   I love reading your comments.  They made my day!

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Wishing you A Wonderful Holiday and A Happy New Year!



Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Shows Sharing

Good Morning Everyone,
 This year, I did 5 craft shows which were a lot for me and they were all good.  With the 5 craft shows, I was able to recoup all my craft expenses. Yay! I didn't make any profit but I still have lots of supplies, papers, punches and die cuts.  I considered those items  are my profit because I am going to spend all the money on them later anyway. 

Here was my table for the first show that I did this year.  It was at a high school.  It was on October, 23 the weekend  before Halloween but I didn't make any Halloween projects to sell at the show.  As you can see my table was almost empty and this was right after I set up.  I haven't sold a thing at this point. But at the end of the show, I somehow  sold a total of a little over $300.  I sold 1 card during the entire show from the poster board on the right hand side but I sold two sets of  card.  See picture below for card sets.  The two ladies who bought the card set didn't even look at the cards.  They saw the purses and  they  wanted it. 

I made two similar sets to this set.  I put 10 cards in each purse and sold for $20 each purse.

I also sold a lot of the empty top note boxes and purses. People bought them for gift card holders.

 This show was at a hospital.  It was the annual employees craft show.  I didn't work there but my husband does.  I always sold the most here. This year the traffic was not good. But I was surprised that I made more money than last year. Are you wondering how much? Just a little over $500. I couldn't believe those $2 and $3 did add up to quite a bit.

The card purses were sold within the hour I was there.  Too bad I only had four here.  I took most of  the cards that I made through the year and put 10 cards and 10 envelops in each purse. I only sold  for $20 each purse.  I wanted them to sell that was why I priced them low.  I rather make less money than bring the stuffs back home.  Now I can make more!

In front of the card purses were the chocolate top note boxes. Also sold very good.  There were 9 pieces of Hershey nuggets in each box.  I warped each nugget with either designer papers or with embossed card stocks.  I made everything coordinated.
Individual card purse.  The papers for the purses were from  the Luxury stack from DCVW.  Love that paper pack! This is my second pack.

I made this purse template but I was inspired from Becky Robert

Some craft show tips:

I only went to the event that said "craft show" only and the admission is free to shoppers.

I attended the craft show around Fall.  When people started thinking about the upcoming holiday.

I picked and chose the craft show that had been going on for many years.  All the show that I attended had been going on for at least 10 years and took place around the same time of the year.

I priced my items low.  It wasn't like I didn't like making money.  Everyone always thought twice before spending.  So if I wanted to continue enjoying my paper crafts.  I needed to get rid some of the stuffs that I've created in order for me to make more.

I paid no more than $40 for the space.

 Hope this help some of you.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Topnote Pizza box

Good Morning,
If you are my regular blog reader, you knew I love to make boxes. I made so many of them I lost count. 

I made a lot of this box.  I was running low on red card stocks 

so this was what I did

I punched out four flowers from the red top note card stock before I mounted the white card stock on it. That was the view from the back before I mounted it  to the box.  And that took care of my red card stock issue!

Next box is also the top note box.  I decorated the box with the scallop punch Christmas tree.  I made this box last year also with the same scene except this time I brayed the blue sky instead of  used blue card stock like last year.  Oh, yes, I saved some more papers.

To make the Christmas tree, you'll need the scallop circle punch

and cut the scallop piece into 4 pieces like this: 5 scallops, 4 scallops, 3 scallops,  and 2 scallops.  Glue the four pieces together with the 5 scallops at the bottom, then the 4 scallops, then the 3 scallops and last the 2 scallops.

Since I made so many of these boxes I thought I will share a trick that I discovered that made a perfect box.

 When I first made these boxes, the bottom box was always crooked because the lid and the box were the same size. And when I closed the lid, I had to squeeze the box so the lid will fit.  Not any more, here was what I discovered

to make the box you'll need 6" x 9" card stock and Scor Pal

 score on the 6" size 1" on both sizes.  I am using the right side of the scor pal so I scored at 11" and 7"

turn to the 9" size and place the  card stock all the way to the right of the scor pal at the 12" size
and score @ 11", 8", 7"

 Then move the card stock all the way to the left of the score pal and score at 1" and I marked that section for "lid" because that section is bigger the other section.

make four cut

and assemble

 I like to punch out a 1/2 circle so I know which size to open the box.
 When I closed the box, it fit perfectly but I didn't like the flab on both sizes.  The flab make the box looks like penguin.  I like penguin just fine but I just don't like my box to look like one.

 So I made two diagonal cut like this.

 now when I closed the box, it looks much better.

 I hope this will help you make a better box.

 As always, thanks for looking!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Quilling Pointsettea Mini Album Cover

Good Morning,
I enjoyed making mini albums. But I had a hard time decorating the front cover.  But with quilling, I thought this turned out pretty nice.

 I made a couple of these for the craft show.  I will share more details about  the craft show later in the week.

I also made two like this.

Then I made a few more like this. This is my favorite.

I forgot to take the picture of the finished album.  I used one of the Stampin' Up! Hodgepodge Hardware under the tree. I printed the word "Joy" and cut it to fit the hardware.  

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quilling Altered Paper Mache Box and Tin Can

Good Morning,
I am still loving altering boxes and tin cans. This time I decided to try to decorate the box lid with some quilling flowers that I saw on line.

Paper mache box

Tin cans

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Magic box Tutorial

Good Morning,
As I promised, here is the magic box tutorial.  I only showed how to construct the box base. You can decorate the box any way you like.  My layering papers were 1/4" smaller then the base.

This one I added only two layers  (green and white) over the box base both inside of the box and outside of the box.

This second one had lots of layers.  I added four layers on the outside and four layers on the inside also.


Christmas Tree die cut. I got mine from Stampin' Up' but you could get the Christmas Tree die cut from AC Moore store or Joann Fabric online. 

Die cut machine - Love my big shot!

1 - acetate 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 (I used the clear packaging from the die cut or the embossing folder holder)    
      Score on the 4 1/2" size @ 2 1/4"

1 - 5 1/2 x 8 for box walls - score on the 8" size @ 4".  Turn  to the 5 1/2" size and score @ 1/2"

2 - 5 1/2 x 4 for box walls that will open and lay flat - score on the 5 1/2" size @ 1/2"

1 - 4 x 4 for box base

1 - 6 1/8 x 6 1/8 for the lid - score 1" all around

Other coordinate papers and embellishment to your taste 

Some type of adhesive of your choice.  I used Score Tape from Paper trey ink and Tacky glue.

This is a repeat from the top. Take the 5 1/2 x 8 piece of card stock and score @ 4" on the 8" size.  Then turn to the 5 1/2" size and score @ 1/2".  See picture below

 To create the window on the walls:
   you will need to measure 1" from the top edge  and 1" from the bottom score line. Then measure 2" from the left edge and 2" from the right edge. (Bad wording here but I hope you still understand by looking at the picture)  I lined up the card stock on the grid board for easy measurement.  You should have this. 

Trim off the 1/2" flab like shown in the above picture.

Take the  (2) 5 1/2" x 4" score @ 1/2" on the 5 1/2" size and trim off the corners. See picture below.

Take the 4" x 4" for base and adhere to the walls.  See picture below.

At this point I should have added the Score Tape around the cut out window but I forgot So you would want to do that now before you go on to the next step.

 Adhere the other 1/2" flab to the base.  You should have this.

Peel off the back of the score tape and added the acetate.  Make sure your acetate is score in half.  I chose to adhere the acetate at this stage because it gave me a nice clean walls. 

Adhere the other two walls and you should have this.

The magic box base is completed.

To make the lid.  Take the 6 1/8 x 6 1/8 and score 1" all around.  Make 4 snips.  See picture below.

Add sticky strip to the corners and finish it off. Decorate the box any way you like.  Finished box 4"w x 5"H.

At this point the box is a bit wobbly but after all the layering pieces the box turned out very sturdy.  

I knew some parts of my wording is now very clear but I hope the picture will help.  If you still have question about the tutorial,  please let me know.

I am looking forward to see your magic box!

Have fun making them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stylish Award

Good Morning Everyone!
To my wonderful surprised, Ann at Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap had award me this Stylish award a few days ago.  Thank you so much Ann for sharing this award. Head on over to Ann's blog to see Ann lovely creations and don't forget to say hi to Duke while you are there.

Accepting this award, I am asked to do the following:

1. Thanks and link back to the person who awarded me this award.

2. Share 8 things about myself.

3.Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

Hmmm... 8 things about me

1. I once grew grass on the same lawn 3 times within 12 months.  I did all the wok myself.  I thought of it as a two in one: I got my work out done while making my lawn looking nice.

2. I paint my house, at least one room, every year.

3. I spend way too much time on my hobby and browsing the web and loving it.

4.If I promise something, I tend to keep it, big or small.

5. Beside paper craft, I enjoy reading.  My favorite authors are Patricia Conwell, Robin Cook, James Patterson, and  John Chrism.

 6.I can't sit still.  I had to do something all the time. Like if I watched TV, which I rarely do now, I would crochet or fold the origami units. Or I would read in the kitchen while I wait for the water in the top to boil.

7. I travel to Florida by car (a little over 1000 miles each way) 3 times a year.

8. I am not creative, but I like to believe I am talented. Am I?

I haven't had time to visit new blogs recently so these are my choices in no particular order


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Have a wonderful weekend!


P.s. check back next week I should have the Magic box tutorial ready then.  Hopefully!