Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Shows Sharing

Good Morning Everyone,
 This year, I did 5 craft shows which were a lot for me and they were all good.  With the 5 craft shows, I was able to recoup all my craft expenses. Yay! I didn't make any profit but I still have lots of supplies, papers, punches and die cuts.  I considered those items  are my profit because I am going to spend all the money on them later anyway. 

Here was my table for the first show that I did this year.  It was at a high school.  It was on October, 23 the weekend  before Halloween but I didn't make any Halloween projects to sell at the show.  As you can see my table was almost empty and this was right after I set up.  I haven't sold a thing at this point. But at the end of the show, I somehow  sold a total of a little over $300.  I sold 1 card during the entire show from the poster board on the right hand side but I sold two sets of  card.  See picture below for card sets.  The two ladies who bought the card set didn't even look at the cards.  They saw the purses and  they  wanted it. 

I made two similar sets to this set.  I put 10 cards in each purse and sold for $20 each purse.

I also sold a lot of the empty top note boxes and purses. People bought them for gift card holders.

 This show was at a hospital.  It was the annual employees craft show.  I didn't work there but my husband does.  I always sold the most here. This year the traffic was not good. But I was surprised that I made more money than last year. Are you wondering how much? Just a little over $500. I couldn't believe those $2 and $3 did add up to quite a bit.

The card purses were sold within the hour I was there.  Too bad I only had four here.  I took most of  the cards that I made through the year and put 10 cards and 10 envelops in each purse. I only sold  for $20 each purse.  I wanted them to sell that was why I priced them low.  I rather make less money than bring the stuffs back home.  Now I can make more!

In front of the card purses were the chocolate top note boxes. Also sold very good.  There were 9 pieces of Hershey nuggets in each box.  I warped each nugget with either designer papers or with embossed card stocks.  I made everything coordinated.
Individual card purse.  The papers for the purses were from  the Luxury stack from DCVW.  Love that paper pack! This is my second pack.

I made this purse template but I was inspired from Becky Robert

Some craft show tips:

I only went to the event that said "craft show" only and the admission is free to shoppers.

I attended the craft show around Fall.  When people started thinking about the upcoming holiday.

I picked and chose the craft show that had been going on for many years.  All the show that I attended had been going on for at least 10 years and took place around the same time of the year.

I priced my items low.  It wasn't like I didn't like making money.  Everyone always thought twice before spending.  So if I wanted to continue enjoying my paper crafts.  I needed to get rid some of the stuffs that I've created in order for me to make more.

I paid no more than $40 for the space.

 Hope this help some of you.



Monica said...

Such BEAUTIFUL stuff, Helen. Am so very happy for you. Glad that you recovered your costs... Super purses!
xxx Monica

eva said...

I'm glad for you.All very nice!

Patty O'Malley said...

Oh, Helen! I am so glad you were able to at least make enough to cover your expenses. I think people would still buy if you priced things a bit higher. I received a lot of compliments on the flower pin you made. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card.

Ann said...

Well if you were able to make enough to at least cover your expenses then you had a successful season I would say. It sounds to me like you have done very well. It all sounds like so much work but a lot of fun as well. Your stuff is all so beautiful

Rae said...

Hi Helen, I haven't forgotten about you. My video card went out on that same computer. I am back on this 6 year old computer. I think I will be going with a desktop computer next. 2 laptops in 2 years is 2 much! Thanks for all the crafty tips. You know I love your stuff. I have given 2 boxes as gifts already, and they were loved!

Whimcees said...

Hi Helen!

I am so happy to read that you did so well at your craft shows this year! Wonderful news! Your projects and cards are so lovely and your work so detailed and beautiful that it is no surprise that people loved your items for sale!

Wishing you a great week ahead!


Barbara Diane

Sandy Ang said...

So glad you had a good experience at the shows. And thanks for sharing your tips on pricing and what sold. Am sure that your customers are very happy with their lovely buys.

Creative Grammie said...

Your things are gorgeous! Glad you had fun and was able to recoup your expense for all those beautiful things you made.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Gaby said...

Hello Helen,
thanks for all those wonderful pictures of your craft show. I'm glad to hear you were so successful. But I also think people would still buy, I you would raise the prices a little bit.

Your work is really gorgeous and worth every single cent.

Michelle said...

Hi Helen

Oh my WOW!!

Well done on a very successful craft stall!

Your creations are just gorgeous it's not wonder you did so well.

Michelle :-)

JustNeedling said...

Thank you for sharing all your lovely craft show creations. they are all so pretty. Glad you sold a lot of items. It is always nice that your products got sold then bring them home with you. Thank you for the wonderful tip on having a craft show.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

beautiful and Lovely panda...........Happy new year!!!