Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crochet Hangers Cover For 18" Doll Clothes/ Tutorial


Faye's doll, Saige, has collected some wardrobe from Katie at Westie and Julp.  I made these hangers inspired from here.  I couldn't do the regular triangle shape hangers so I made them kind of rectangle shape.

I hot glued the bead and the crochet heart and flowers to cover up the raw (spelling?) edges.  I think they added a nice finish to the hangers too.
To make the hanger I bought a roll of 16 gauge wire from the Home Depot.  I think the roll has 200 yards of wire and it was less than $7. 

To do the hanger I measured 5 1/2 inches (6 inches was a better one) on the edge of a piece of wood scrap and  drew the hanger shape.  Then I put a few nails around the drawing. I wrapped the wire (about 20")  around the nails and  gave a few twists at the joining.

Took the hanger off the nails
 I used two pieces of PVC pipes (pull against opposite end) to straighten the hangers.
The doll clothes slipped right off the hangers so I single crochet around the hangers.  I think they turned out adorable and so girlies.

I will be taking a break and will be back July 8th.

Happy crafting!


Monday, June 24, 2013

A Quick Thank You Card


Sharing a quick thank you card.

The vase was made from a small oval punch.  The stamp was from stamping up.


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Surprised Package For Faye


Last week Katie at Westie and Julp surprised us with another package for Faye.  Isn't Faye one lucky girl?
Look what are in the package.  Summer clothes and accessories for her AG dolls.  How cute are they! I made the hangers and I will share them in another post.

Every time Faye opened the package that Katie sent her, she tried  the clothes on her doll and played with it. I forgot to take the picture then.    I found the pair of sock but when I needed them for picture I forgot where I put it.   Does that consider short term memory lost? (lol)

Thank you so much Katie for another lovely surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Crochet Pineapple Throw Finished


Sharing my finished pineapple throw. 

This pattern was from Red Heart.


Friday, June 14, 2013

On Your Birthday .... Card


I CAS this card from pinterest.  Don't you just love pinterest?  I stumbled on pinterest last year and had been going back there for inspiration on almost every craft.

 Enjoy Your weekend!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crochet Afghan Updated


I shared the crochet blocks last week.  Today I wanted to share my progress on the afghan

I had a little over 70 blocks done.  I used up 8 skeins already.  I ran out of yarn and to be honest I am getting kind of bore with this afghan.  So I started another afghan

You can get this pattern from here.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Tealight Boxes


I was on tea light boxes making marathon.  I always sold a few of these boxes at the craft show.  I wasn't planing on making them any more (I was bore of making them) but a lady asked me to make a couple boxes so I decided to make a bunch then I don't have to make them for the rest of the year.

These are the popular colors.

I am entering this to Make It Monday - anything goes

Hope you like looking at them.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Crochet Blocks # 1


I had wanted to make afghan for a long time but the thought of making it was kind of nervous because of its size.  I wanted a king size afghan at least 96" square.  I finally decide to start my biggest afghan project.

The afghan will consist of this crochet blocks.  The square measure a little over 6 inches.  I am using Red Heart With Love.

 I don't have  favorite color.  I just happened to have purple yarn so I am using them.
So far I got this much

Most tails are weave in after I finished with each block because I don't want to weave in later.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My First Attempt At Sewing Doll Clothes


I have seen some cute doll clothes especially on Pinterest. Oh, how I wanted to make them.  Some blogs even offer free patterns but what a gal to do with the free patterns if she can't sew.  Faye is one lucky girl, Katie at Wesie and Julp, sent some BEAUTIFUL doll clothes.  Thank you Katie!

Back in March, I did some Spring cleaning.    I wanted to make some doll pants from Faye out grown clothes.  These doll pants were made from her shirt sleeves. I did mange sew two straight lines using the sewing machine on all the pant legs.  The rest part of the pant were hand sew

except this pink waist.  This pink pant was my first one.  I combined both hand sewing and machine sewing  the waist.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours to do just the waist (unbelievable right!).  I was happy with the result though.  It look really nice and the pant fit perfectly on the doll.
I still have some scrap left so I wanted to try making a doll shirt  and skirt.  This is all I got for the shirt.  I am stuck with the neck  and the arm holes.  I tried  both hand sewing and machine sewing on the neck; it didn't work.  The neck expanded every time I sew. I heard something about the knit stitches. I saw a video on youtube but still don't know what it is. 
I forgot to double check the elastic on the skirt before I sew it together so it was twisted and I didn't feel like redoing it.

The skirt looked too plain so I stitched a small flower and added a bead for the flower center.  Faye was happy to see the stitch flower.

Happy sewing!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Paper Purse Card Holders


Sharing a few large purses.  It was inspired from here

Then I made this.  I had a hard time finding purple pattern paper.  So I made my own, well not entirely, I used the embossed paper from Stamping Up; then I sponged purple ink all over to create the pattern paper.

Each purse hold 10 cards and 10 envelopes.

 I am entering this to:

Make It Monday - anything goes