Friday, June 21, 2013

A Surprised Package For Faye


Last week Katie at Westie and Julp surprised us with another package for Faye.  Isn't Faye one lucky girl?
Look what are in the package.  Summer clothes and accessories for her AG dolls.  How cute are they! I made the hangers and I will share them in another post.

Every time Faye opened the package that Katie sent her, she tried  the clothes on her doll and played with it. I forgot to take the picture then.    I found the pair of sock but when I needed them for picture I forgot where I put it.   Does that consider short term memory lost? (lol)

Thank you so much Katie for another lovely surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Ann said...

what pretty outfits. Faye must have the best dressed doll in town

Rae said...

What a lucky girl Miss Faye is! This is quite a wardrobe for her dolly!