Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Topnote Pizza box

Good Morning,
If you are my regular blog reader, you knew I love to make boxes. I made so many of them I lost count. 

I made a lot of this box.  I was running low on red card stocks 

so this was what I did

I punched out four flowers from the red top note card stock before I mounted the white card stock on it. That was the view from the back before I mounted it  to the box.  And that took care of my red card stock issue!

Next box is also the top note box.  I decorated the box with the scallop punch Christmas tree.  I made this box last year also with the same scene except this time I brayed the blue sky instead of  used blue card stock like last year.  Oh, yes, I saved some more papers.

To make the Christmas tree, you'll need the scallop circle punch

and cut the scallop piece into 4 pieces like this: 5 scallops, 4 scallops, 3 scallops,  and 2 scallops.  Glue the four pieces together with the 5 scallops at the bottom, then the 4 scallops, then the 3 scallops and last the 2 scallops.

Since I made so many of these boxes I thought I will share a trick that I discovered that made a perfect box.

 When I first made these boxes, the bottom box was always crooked because the lid and the box were the same size. And when I closed the lid, I had to squeeze the box so the lid will fit.  Not any more, here was what I discovered

to make the box you'll need 6" x 9" card stock and Scor Pal

 score on the 6" size 1" on both sizes.  I am using the right side of the scor pal so I scored at 11" and 7"

turn to the 9" size and place the  card stock all the way to the right of the scor pal at the 12" size
and score @ 11", 8", 7"

 Then move the card stock all the way to the left of the score pal and score at 1" and I marked that section for "lid" because that section is bigger the other section.

make four cut

and assemble

 I like to punch out a 1/2 circle so I know which size to open the box.
 When I closed the box, it fit perfectly but I didn't like the flab on both sizes.  The flab make the box looks like penguin.  I like penguin just fine but I just don't like my box to look like one.

 So I made two diagonal cut like this.

 now when I closed the box, it looks much better.

 I hope this will help you make a better box.

 As always, thanks for looking!



MariLynn said...

Beautiful boxes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who punches out or cuts out the centers. I guess you could say we are being thrifty or frugal, but when it comes down to it, I'm just cheap!

eva said...

Thank you for tutrorial!
Very nice.

Monica said...

Wow, you are specialist at whatever you lay your hands on. Love these boxes! The first one is so striking and the second one is elegant.

Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. Someday I will try and make it.

Take care,


Cami said...

Beautiful box, Helen! I like how you efficiently made good use of the red CS by punching out the pieces and then covering over the red CS. Clever! I love making boxes and bags also and I like how you trimmed the flaps so they lie flatter! Happy Holidays! Hugs, Cami

JustNeedling said...

lovely pizza boxes. I love the Christmas tree tutorial!

Ann said...

Love those boxes and thanks for not one but two cool tutorials. I think I'm going to have to make some of those boxes and I'm going to put some Christmas trees on them. I really like the way those trees came out. You are just so darn creative.

SUGANTHI said...

Thanks for the box tutorial . It looks easy and the tree-I am so impressed.

Rae said...

Great directions. Now I guess I can make my own, huh? : )