Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Cake

Good Morning,
I am so excited to share this cake with you today.  Isn't it look lovely?  I thought I will never finish this cake.  The last several flowers took me a very long time to make them.  I think it was because I kept on counting them.  To learn how to make this flower check out here.  Each flower consisted of 12 small triangle pieces.  I have to curl them, then uncurl them and then glue them into flowers.  You are right.  Lots of work.  But I am really happy with the result.  Will it pay off? I don't know.

I made a total of 18 flowers and that means 216 small triangle pieces and I was wondering where my under eye dark circles came from. :)
Thanks again for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.



Whimcees said...

Hello Helen!

The cake is absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting to make a complete cake for so long and this is so motivating! It is lovely! You may have worked a very, very long time to make all those wonderful flowers, but the end result is totally worth it! :<)

Barbara Diane

pattyo said...

Always amazing, Helen! I was just at where your blog header picture is on Sunday.

Rae said...

Hi Helen, I'm back. I actually scrolled through the flower tutorial, and didn't un-drop my jaw until I got to the very bottom of the page. It is amazing. The flower crafting is a lot of work! Now I know why I buy mine already made! OK, well I love your flower cake boxes, and I want to know what you used it for. Can you really bear to part with your creations? It really turned beautiful.
You asked about the butterflys on the "Thinking of you" card. Helen, you know I keep it nice and simple. They are both Martha Stewart punches. I made two smaller versions for birthday cards. Not quite as cute, but I will post them anyway. Hope to see you this weekend. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back! Rae