Friday, September 4, 2009

Pineapple origami

Good morning,

I have a few things to share today. The first one is this origami pineapple that I've made over 10 years ago. I know it has been origami all week. It's getting boring. So this is my last post. See the pineapple leaves? I used green construction papers and now not a hint of green. The pineapple body still look the same.

Since I am sharing my origami pineapple, I thought I'll share how we cut pineapple. If you look at the fresh pineapple carefully, it has crisscross patterns. So when we cut the pineapple, first we cut the green part out. Then we followed the pattern called the "eyes". That way we don't cut out too much of the pineapple meat.

Look at the before and after. The pineapple still look almost the same size. Neat isn't it?

Hope you've learned something new today. And the next time you stop by the supermarket, you'll pick one pineapple and try it out.

And last but not least is a sneak peak. So make sure to check back tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.


P.S. I am working on the second part of the tutorial.


Lauri said...

Your work is gorgeous! My daughter does origami...and has made thousands of the origami stars. She makes jars of 1000 for luck to give her friends...your work is art!

MariLynn said...

I love your pineapple! Wow!!It is awesome. I love fresh pineapple and now my mouth is watering!

Anna Dawn said...

This Pineapple origami is AMAZING! I love it! I am throwing a beach themed baby shower and this would look so cute as a centerpiece. Do you have instructions or a tutorial on how this was made? Thanks in advance. You are so inspiring!