Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Girls Crochet/Knit Hat and Boot Sets


I like making quick items especially crocheting and knitting items.  Who won't right?  These sets are for new born and the set can be made in just a little over 1 hour.

The color below is Passion.  It is a very pretty purple but it look so dark in the picture.
I like knit booties than crochet booties.  The knit booties are much softer compare to the stiff crochet booties. However, the crochet booties are so cute!

hat pattern 

flower tutorial

Have a wonderful weekend!



Esther Asbury said...

Oh what darling little hat/booties sets! I love that purple color -- so pretty!

Ann said...

These are really sweet. I'm pretty sure that it would take me more than an hour to finish them though. I'm not real fast at crocheting

Jan Hennings said...

These are precious!