Thursday, February 11, 2010

More dollar bill hearts

Hello Everyone,
A quick post today.  I have a few more dollar bill hearts to share.  This first picture here is a dollar bill heart ring.  Cute! isn't it? It fit my finger but I rather use the two-way-glue pen to show the ring. My fingers are stiff and dry from shoveling about 2 feet of snow.
The second picture here is a double hearts made from 2 dollars bill.  I've had this for more than ten years.
 Here are all the dollar bill hearts. I had two other dollar bill ring.  You can see the tutorial here.
Hope you've enjoy today post.
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Whimcees said...


I have something for you on my blog. :<)

Barbara Diane

JustNeedling said...

Wow! These looks great! Paper ring, what a great idea!

eva said...

Oh, how nice! Very interesting solution.
Thank you for your comment

Rae said...