Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone,

I wanted to share some of my passed Valentine crafts that I had forgotten all about them. I made them a long time ago.  I no longer had these crafts.  Don't remember what I had done with them. Most likely I trashed them.  Thanks goodness I had these pictures so I can recreate them again.  These pictures were not good because I took them from photos.

This is the kusudama  with two birds and a heart.  I remember I made the same one except it was blue  for a bridal shower gift.  Don't remember what I did with this pink one.
I made this heart shape from wire floral and just added beads on the wire and then poked the two birds through the wire. Poor birds, but they looked happy together though!
I did an individual tutorial for this piece on this one here.  I assembled them into heart shape.
Here is another one.  I really missed this one.  Don't know what happen to it.
I made this one intended for a wedding gift but I didn't like the colors so I trashed them.

Hope you've enjoyed today post.

Wishing you a happy Valentine's day! 

Also today is Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.  It is the year of the Tiger.




JustNeedling said...

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to you! These are beautiful birds and hearts!

Thanks for the reward! I'll have to see what I can write about myself and find 7 bloggers to pass it to.

Rae said...

Sorry I missed wishing you Happy V day, and Happy New Year. I hope your day was good and your new year started off great!
I am so sick of the snow yet they say a little more is coming. I say when is Spring coming?...
Thanks for the eye candy today!