Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Origami Dollar Bill Hearts

Good Morning,
Today I like to share these two dollar bill hearts.  I used to like to keep these dollar bill heart in my wallet or used them as book mark.


 We are going to make this one.

You will need a new scrip dollar bill.

Fold in half to creat center line.  Then unfold

Fold both edges to center line.
 Turn you bill over.
 Fold both edges to center.
 Unfold both flaps from bottom.
(Inside reverse fold the corners) Fold corner down like shown.
Pull it open and push the triangle in then push the flap back up.
This is what you should have.  Repeat inside reverse fold with the other side.
 Turn your bill over.
 Fold flap over and fold corner to crease. Fold flap back over.
 Repeat with the other side and you should have this.
 Fold both bottom corners in.  Crease well.
 Pull the top flap down.
 Fold all edges down ( the white edges).
 Fold both corners in like shown.  Crease well.

 Turn your bill over.  Ta Da!!  You did it!
 There's a site called the "origami club."  There are plenty of tutorials there.  But I learned this one from a book called "Funny money folds for kids" by Jodi Fukumoto.  Hey, why the kids always have the fun stuffs!  You can go get this book or you can wait for my tutorial.  There are a few more money fold items from this book that I'd to share.

 Until next time!



Crystal said...

Wow, that's crazy! Glad you showed the instructions so I can have hope of trying it someday! :)

JustNeedling said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I've seen this money folding before but forgot how to make it! Chinese New Year is coming up maybe I'll fold some for the kids or maybe not. I'm not sure if they appreciate me folding their Chinese New Year money. lol

Rae said...

Once again, great instructions!