Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elegant Bouquet Cards

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post this yesterday but other things got in first and never got around to posting and earlier today my computer crashed along with the internet service.  Thank goodness I have a very handy man husband who can fix almost anything (smiling).  Let me clarify that he can fix almost anything that is mechanical related from computer, software and hardware; car - he never let anyone other mechanic touches our cars except during car inspection. He fixed houses. I did fix houses with him.   Sssh! don't tell him that I am bragging about him.

Well, this is suppose to be some quick cards but I played around with the Stampin" pastel chalk so these cards took a little more time to make.
Here was how I created these cards.  First, I brayed the debossed side of the embossing folder.  Place whisper white card stock in the folder and then ran it through the big shot.
Then I used Q-tip to pick up the chalk and colored the flowers.
After I colored the flowers, I felt that the cards still needed something.  I tried the rhinestone and love it!  I bought these rhinestone from Joann Fabric.  It was a 1 lb. bag.  Do you know how many rhinestone there are?  Too many to count.  I was very happy with the purchased.  I don't need to buy rhinestone for a LONG time!  Oh, they came in different sizes.
 These two cards I used vellum.  I didn't really like them because after I colored the chalk came off and smeared the cards.

Hope you've enjoyed today post.


Rae said...

Hi Helen! Love your newest cards! They look perfect for Mother's Day! Can I CAS them? ;)

PawwPadd said...

Hi Helen,
I'm Rachel's sister Bethann! Glad I finally got over to your blog! I just love what you've done with this design on all of the cards. They are similar and yet so different! I love them! Can't wait to finally meet you and work with you! Keep up the wonderful creativity and I'll be back to see you soon!

JustNeedling said...

Love them all! Great technique! Haven't use my pastels in ages!

Anonymous said...

I love this--I haven't used my pastels in a long time either. One suggestion: to set the chalk and keep it from coming off you can use cheap hair spray to lightly set the chalk--hold the can about 14 to 18 inches from the card and spray. When it dries you can't tell you have sprayed it and the chalk won't come off. Hope this helps!