Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weaving Origami Heart

Hello Everyone,

Today I'd like to share this weaving origami heart.  It can hold the fun size treat pack or other small and flat treat pack or anything you can think of.  See the handle!  It's the ribbon weaving that I've made for the Christmas wreath.
The rose was one of the first flower that I've learned many years ago.  I just found out that this rose is very popular among paper quillers.  Is that why I've enjoyed quilling so much!

Here is the tutorial to make the heart.  You will need two pieces 2 1/2" x 11" - fold in half

Place the two pieces like shown and mark with a pencil about 1/4" larger then the paper on both pieces so you'll know where to stop cutting (see next step). Note: The cuts need to be longer then 2 1/2 " so you'll have space weaving.
Cut both pieces into 1/2" strips.  Stop at the mark that you've made earlier.
This is what your pieces should look like after the cuts.
Fold the two pieces in half.  I've marked  each  strip with letter and number so it will be easier for you to follow.

Place your two pieces like shown. Note where the A1 and B1 is located.

Insert B1 into A1. Then wrap B1 around A2 (or insert A2 into B1).
 Insert B1 into A3.  Then wrap B1 around A4 (or insert A4 into B1).
 To finish off B1 insert it into A5.  Then move the strip down or  toward your right. Are you still with me?
 Next, we will be working on B2 strip.  Wrap B2 around A1.  Then insert B2 into A2.
Next wrap B2 around A3.  Then insert B2 into A4.
 Finish B2 by wrap it around A5 (or insert A5 into B2).  The patterns for B3 and B5 are the same as B1.  And the pattern for B4 is the same as B2. 
Your piece should look like this when done.  Cut the excess part into heart shape.

 Here is how it looks on the inside.

Hope you've enjoyed today tutorial.  If you make one, I'd love to see it.  If you have question, email me or leave your question here but don't forget to leave me your contact info.  I had someone asked me a question, but she didn't leave her contact info.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day.


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Rae said...

whew, Helen! This heart looks VERY time comsuming! :) You do give the best instructions, tho.