Friday, October 1, 2010

Quilled Sail Boat

Hello Everyone!
I have another masculine card to share today. 

Can you tell it's a sail boat?  The right triangle shape was very hard for me to create.  These are the two best triangles that I got from my pile.  Note to self - need to quill more often. :)

Thanks for looking.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Gaby said...

Of course we can tell.
You did a really good job on the boat.

Lucky man who gets it.

Have a nice weekend!

Michelle said...

Your sailboat looks amazing Helen!
I really love the little waves too.

Michelle :-)

eva said...

Very interesting idea.I want to do the same card

Monica said...

Oh, Helen, this sail boat is the cutest. I love the colours. You are on a quilling high now.
Great card!

xxx Monica

Ann said...

Absolutely, it looks exactly like a sailboat. I think you are being much to hard on yourself. Great card

CSchlim said...

It is soooo cute!! Great job!

Shirley-Anne said...

A blind man would be happy to see it . sail boat is perfect and the little waves , well even more perfect .