Saturday, October 2, 2010

Water, Water every where

Good Morning,
I have a few pictures, none card related, to share today.  The rain started last Sunday and continued on until Tuesday.  We got a little break on Wednesday.  By Wednesday late afternoon, it started to rain again and it rain until Friday morning.
Here are the aftermath:

Look at the street in front of this guy! and the street in front of the white door!  The streets were under water.  And what happen to the basement around there?  There is a house behind the guy.

Here is a picture of the basement.  The water in this basement was about 4 feet high.  Repeat: 4 feet high!

Stay dry where ever you are!



Monica said...

OMG - some rain that... what is happening to the weather cycle?

Happy crafting,


eva said...

How terrible

Ann said...

I saw on the news last night about all the flooding going on everywhere. 4 feet of water in a basement, wow. That's going to be some clean up project.

Michelle said...

Hi Helen

Oh my goodness, that is some downpour. Is this your basement??
I hope things are not too soggy at your place.

Michelle :-)

Shirley-Anne said...

Makes me feel thankful for small meries being high and dry .And today sun is shining in Adelaide.
Thanks for sharing .