Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slippers Card

Good Morning,

This was another card that I made for my neighbor, Rose.  It was for her 12 years old niece. The shoes template was from a quilling book that I had. The crochet flowers were from my stash that I made early this year.

Hope you've enjoyed today post.



Gaby said...

Wow....what an awesome card.

Ann said...

That is so adorable, your neighbors niece will love it.

Monica said...

What a glamorous pair of slippers... love the crocheted flowers.

xxx Monica

Michelle said...

Fantastic card Helen. the slippers look fantastic.

Michelle :-)

eva said...

Cute slippers

JustNeedling said...

Very pretty! Love the slippers!

PawwPadd said...

Hi Helen, Very cute and creative! Thanks for sharing this.
Bethann Aka PawwPadd