Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quilled Baby Feet Cards

Good Morning Everyone!

I realized that I haven't done much of boy cards,  masculine cards, or baby cards. I need to focus more in that area so I started with baby cards.  This layout was from this week "MoJo Monday."

 I hand rolled those coils. Let me explain: I tried using the needle tool to roll the coils but the coils tension were not event.   I started each coil using the needle tool. Then I took the coil off the needle tool and hand rolled the rest of the strip.  I was really happy with the result.
I couldn't resist the mulberry flowers any more especially with the 40% off so I bought several packs. I won't buy them again unless they are ridiculously cheap.  I preferred my handmade flowers.

Thanks for stopping by!



Michelle said...

Hi Helen
Wow, you are amazing! You must have limitless patience and the most nimble fingers.
These card look beautiful.

Michelle :-)

MuinNadine said...

Son hermosas! muy tiernas! ideales para bebes! te felicito por tan delicado trabajo!

Monica said...

Such cute lovable cards. Love the sweet, sweet feet.

And the flowers are lovely.

I have learned quilling some years ago but all I make is flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Love your cards,


Gaby said...

What lovely cards.
I really admire your quilling-talent.

Have a nice day.

SUSAN said...

Hi Helen....thanks a lot for your visiting on my blog...and your comment too....thanks again....

do you like quilling too???....I love your creations....all of them so amazing.....

SUSAN quilling

eva said...

Great idea and very cute

Ann said...

Those are fantastic. i love them both. You're very creative.

Whimcees said...


LOVE the baby footprints! :<)

Wishing you a sunny day today!


Barbara Diane

Penny Hanuszak said...

You are one talented paper crafter Helen, thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with us!

Patti said...

These are adorable cards. Your patience is amazing. My fingers could never create those feet.

Shirley-Anne said...

Stunning !

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! How clever and wonderfully done!!! :) tfs