Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weaving Origami Lantern Ornament - part 4


Today we will be assembling the ornament or at least I am. This is the piece from the tutorial.  It is very difficult to assemble this ornament using paper. So if you are going to make the ornament I would recommend that you use polypropylene ribbon. 

I will be using these pretty ribbons.  These pieces will fit like puzzle pieces.  Your piece should have four legs like this.  
See how the pieces fit like puzzle pieces?  Take the two pieces and insert one leg into the other piece's pocket.
The excess pieces should come out in the center. Repeat with the other sizes.

Take a fine pointy scissor and  snip off the excess pieces; be careful not to snip off the triangle.
Decorate any way you like.  These pieces can be made into many different projects.  I will share a few items that I've made using these pieces tomorrow.

When sharing your finished ornament using my tutorial, please give me credit by place a link  to my blog.
Thank you.


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Cat said...

Thank you for posting the tutorial. Can't wait to try making this:) Cat