Thursday, December 3, 2009

Felt Bottle scarves

Good Morning,

Aren't these wine scarves darling cute?  A friend (Hi Rachel) saw this at SCS and email me the pictures.  Who can resist that? I happened to have everything that needed to make them, except the green papers,  so here they are.  Thank you Rachel for thinking of me.  I ran out of green card stocks; lucky me, I saved the children  fundraiser magazines from school and punched out the Christmas tree from the magazine for my leaves.


It is very easy to make them.  I cut the felt sheet to 1 1/4 x 12.  Assembled the flowers. Then I wrapped the felt around the bottle.  Used the Crop-a-dile to punch a hole through felt sheet and popped the flower in with a brad. Cute!!!

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a nice day.



Jackie Thomas said...

They are just darling Helen. Will have to make a couple myself. have a lovely weekend. xo Jackie

Rae said...

Hi Helen,

Your flowers are the bomb! (or is it "da bomb"?) Well, you get the point. I think these scarves are so cute! I am going to surprise you soon with my cards samples based on your fantastic tutorials! R
(PS. I see your numbers are growing!...)