Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last three Ornaments


These will be my last three ornaments to share.  I love how this blue and white turn out and so did Joan.  Blue is Joan favorite's color.  I've made these ornaments before using just one color.  It didn't turn out as nice.  So I thought it would look nice with white and it did!

 This one is burgundy and silver.  Mary Jo was pretty exciting to have this so I assumed she liked it.
 This is my last Kusudama.  I really enjoy making this ornament and I hope Pat is enjoying having it on her tree.
 Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great day.



Whimcees said...

What wonderful gifts! You are a origami pro, that's for sure! :<)

Barbara Diane

JustNeedling said...

These are beautiful ornaments! I love the blue one a lot!

Patty O'Malley said...

I love my ornaments and the fact that I can hang them all year round.

Rae said...