Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weaving Origami Lantern Ornament - Part 2

Hello again,

Here is part 2.  Since the pieces were folded in half, you should have two layers on all four strips.

We will start with the green strip first.  Place your piece like shown with the green strip vertically.  Fold the first layer down.

With the bottom layer, fold to the right, creating a right triangle.
 Then fold it down toward the front, making another right triangle.
 And tuck that part under the first  layer.  See picture.
Fold it up and crease well.
Rotate to the purple strip.  Fold the top layer down.  This will hold the green piece in place. See picture.  I am holding the purple piece down.  It just didn't show in the picture.
Make the same triangle fold and tuck under.  See picture.
Rotate to the red strip. Fold down the red top layer.  This fold will hold the purple piece in place.  Note: don't let go of your fingers or all the folds will loosen and mess up the piece.
 Make the triangle fold and tuck the piece under.  See picture.
 Rotate to the white strip.  Fold down the white top layer.
Make the triangle fold and tuck under.  This white piece will hold everything together.  See next picture.
There is a pocket  under the green strip. See the bottom picture.  Insert the white strip into it and pull it through to the other side. It was very hard to push the white strip through.  You can use a tweeter to help push it through.

Pull the white strip through.
 Your piece should look like this.  It is very hard to assemble this ornament using papers.  I would recommend you use ribbon if you want to make the ornament.  Also the wider the ribbon, the longer the strip will be. 
You are almost there!


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