Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weaving Christmas cards

Good Morning,
Today I like to share this weaving Christmas card.  I really like how it turn out.  I think this is the card that I am going to send out this year.  We don't celebrate Christmas but I enjoy sending out Christmas cards to friends who celebrate Christmas.  And I also received quite a few cards every Christmas. I love receiving them.

This one here I used 3/8 grosgrain ribbon.  You will need 6 inches to make this wreath.   I really like how this one popped out.

 This one here I used 1/4 inch ribbon and you will need only 5 inches to make this wreath. It is thinner and smaller so it doesn't really pop out.  But I still like it.  AC Moore has this 1/4" ribbon on sale this week 4 spools for one dollar.  Can't beat that!
 So I bought different colors.

I love the embossed snowflake background.  My friend Maritza lend it to me.  Thank you Maritza. I knew you would want to learn how to make this.  There's a great tutorial  here.

Thank you for visiting me today.  Have a wonderful day.



Jackie Thomas said...

Wow Helen, these look amazing. xo Jackie

MariLynn said...

Helen, these are so pretty. I love the wreaths in all the different colors.

JustNeedling said...

These are beautiful wreath cards!

Jackie said...

Those are beautiful! I watched her video and it's so easy to do - any tips for adhering them to the card?

Rae said...

I knew these cards were going to be special. The wreath is fantastic! My favorite is the red, but they are all nice. And Helen, I couldn't help but smile when I saw your beautifully embossed background! ;) (P.S....Hope I'm on your Christmas card list...)

Princess said...

Love these cards. You did a wonderful job with them. Your post says it takes 6 inches....but I think you mean 6 yards.

Thanks for sharing. Looks fun. I look forward to trying it.