Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quill week - Day 4

Hello again,
Since I started learning to quill, I looked at everything differently.  This snowflake was inspired from a card that I saw while I was at AC Moore.  It used  beads and I thought may be I can make one using  quilling.  I did make one but it looks funny so I changed it and made this one.

This one is a CASE from one of the blogs that I visited.  I forgot which blog again. I had visited so many quilling blogs.
The yellow didn't come out  as nice so I made a blue one here.
This is another CASE snowflake. Again, I forgot which blog. For this one I used a 28 lbs. printer paper.  It was a lot easier to roll.
I think blue snowflakes are my favorite.  What color did you like?
 Thank you for visiting me today.  Have a wonderful day.



1 comment:

Patty O'Malley said...

I like the first and fourth ones the most. What do you think of adding a clear rhinestone at certain areas for some sparkle?