Friday, March 5, 2010

Velvet Rag Purse

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I'd  like to share my latest rag purse.  This is my fourth rag purse.  I love this one! The fabric that I used was just perfect for this purpose.  And the best part, I got it at 50% off.  I was even happier to find the button to match the fabric. The button was also 50% off but it cost almost as much as the fabric. 

I broke two sewing needles making this purse so I need to stock up some sewing needles.  I used my purse yesterday and got compliments.  Hoowhoo! They couldn't believe I made it!

You don't need to look too close to see the mess up stiches.  Almost every corner has some messy stiches.  I was afraid that the stiches will losen up so I ran the stiches back and forth to make sure they were secure. 

The purse doesn't have any pocket so my oldest son suggested that I make pockets for my purse.  I thought that was a very good idea.  So I have to make more purses (smile). 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!



Whimcees said...

This is so beautiful Helen! I love all the purses you have made, but this one I like the best! I have resisted, but I may have to make one! What pattern are you using?

Wishing you a great weekend!


Barbara Diane

Rae said...

Helen, I wonder what you will do with all these purses... :)
When you said don't look too close, I was already up on my computer screen looking over my glasses,...sorry. :)
(but don't worry, I didn't see anything wrong with it)
I love this one, too. Like Whimcees, I think this one is my new favorite.
I went to the stamp camp today, and made 16 cards and only purchased 4 new sets of stampin up stamps. All sets were unmounted. Don't ask what I spent. duplications! : D