Friday, June 7, 2013

Crochet Blocks # 1


I had wanted to make afghan for a long time but the thought of making it was kind of nervous because of its size.  I wanted a king size afghan at least 96" square.  I finally decide to start my biggest afghan project.

The afghan will consist of this crochet blocks.  The square measure a little over 6 inches.  I am using Red Heart With Love.

 I don't have  favorite color.  I just happened to have purple yarn so I am using them.
So far I got this much

Most tails are weave in after I finished with each block because I don't want to weave in later.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Merry said...

Oh wow, this going to fantastic, your crocheting is so neat.

Ann said...

I like your blocks. That's going to be very pretty. I've made afghans before but all in one piece because I always had a hard time getting the squares to come out all the same size

Christine said...

These are really beautiful Helen must have taken a lot of patients to do it.