Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello Dear Bloggers!

We are finally back home! We spent 20 hours on the road on Saturday and got back home 6:30 AM Sunday morning.  It is so good to be back home!  There is no place like home.  Whoever said that is so true. 

I thought I'll share a few random pictures of my trip. Nothing exciting thought.

We had some fruit called Logan. There were plenty of this fruit trees in Florida, but it is much cheaper to buy the fruit in Philadelphia China Town.
they tasted like sugar ball.  So sweet and fresh!  The black one is the seed.
Cruise ship went by while we were at the beach at Jetty Park not too far from Kennedy Space Center.

Then on a different day at the same park we saw a sub marine surface.  Cool huh!

And off we went to Key West

 The traffic was bumper to bumper both ways and as you can see there were only two lanes, one lane going south and one lane going north.

 The water are everywhere. We stopped along the road  and dropped pepperoni and cheese bread in the river/lake and these fish came up.  The big black one called the anglefish.  There are tiny fish black and yellow on the left side too. Don't know what they are called.
this blue and yellow is called the parrot fish

then my husband caught a lobster. It was a big one.  He wasn't supposed to keep it because he didn't have lobster license.

So to get rid of the evident he did this.  Well, I sort of help him get rid of the evident.  We were pattern in crime (lol).  I went to a near by Home Depot trying to buy a small grill but it didn't have it.  So my survival skill kicked in.  I bought the metal rack, 6 pieces of brick and a pack of chalk coal  to build the fire.  He was so excited to get the lobster and it was his birthday.  How could you say no? Are you grossed out with that octopus?  Me too!  I don't like sea food.  I can't stand the fishy smell! 

Then we continued on to the end of Key West
I haven't seen a banana plant in years.
 Love the orchid on the coconut tree!

this is what I wanted to see, 90 miles to Cuba!  There were people lining up to take picture with this sign. The sun was brutal!  My sister got in the line.  She thought I needed to take picture with it but I told her I needed only that sign.  She said I could have gotten it from the net.  I told her it wasn't the same as seeing it myself.

We saw a few iguanas at the pool where we stayed.
Then it was time to get out of Key West.

The most exciting thing about this trip got to be this one.  My husband caught a Nurse shark! near where he caught the lobster.  The shark was at least 70 lbs. and his line was supposed to hold only 15lbs. It took him 45 minutes to rail it to shore.  He caught many sharks before but this was the biggest one.

 To proof that he caught it he went in the water and picked up the shark. 

 Here he cut the hook off and let the shark goes.

Then it was time to head back to Merritt Island where we stayed for the rest of the trip. 
We did some serious work there.  What kind of serious work? I will share with you in another time.

Total mileages we travel for this trip. 

Thanks for stopping by!



eva said...

a great holiday

Wendy said...

Welcome back, Helen! Sounds like you had a marvelous trip! But oh my, what a lot of driving!

Patty O'Malley said...

Welcome back, Helen. Glad you had a good trip. There definitely is no place like home. I saw Joan on Friday and said to make arrangements for lunch on a Saturday. Let me know what is good for you.

Rae said...

Another great story Helen. Made even better by the photos. Victor is a brave soul. ; )

Whimcees said...


I am happy to see that you and your family returned home safely and had a very fun trip! I love the crocheted projects you have finished - the purse is beautifully done! Wishing you a great week! Glad to see you back posting!


Barbara Diane