Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Furr Scarfs


If you are my frequent blog visitor, you knew I went through stages.  My current stage is knitting and crocheting. I had been looking for scarf, but couldn't fine the one that fit my need. I bought this Fun Furr yarns from Joann Fabric because someone recommended.  I like the looks and how it feels so I bought a couple rolls.

Here are the scarfs.

They looked much prettier in person.  Some how they looked like caterpillar in these pictures.

Stay tune for my crocheting.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a wonderful weekend.



Patty O'Malley said...

These are so cute, Helen! What kind of pattern did you use?

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness Helen, how clever are you?!! These are gorgeous!

Michelle :-)

Gaby said...

Hi Helen,

I love you scarfs.
It's funny, because I just uploaded some pictures this morning, showing some knitted triangles made out of fuzzy wool.

Maybe you want to take a look:
Knitted triangles

Ann said...

I love the fun fur yarn. Your scarves are great, look so soft. I found that kind of yarn a little difficult (but not impossible) to work with but I do love it. I discovered though that with the knifty knitter I've been using the fun fur is much easier to work with

Rae said...

Hi Helen!
Love your scarves, they are silky beautiful!

Monica said...

What BEAUTIFUL scarves these are! Have you considered selling them?

You are such a versatile crafter... Love to see your blog and your unusual creations.