Friday, January 14, 2011

Altered tea lights


Made these to keep in handy.

I bought these tea light from Walgreen.  The bottom was not even  so I added  three legs.
 It fit perfectly in this crayola tin can.

 For this one I decided to make a different box to hold the tea light.  I was thinking of easy access to the candle so I only glue the three sizes of the box.  I didn't really like the way the box turned out.  The box measure 2 x 2 x 2 1/2 height.  It used too much papers due to the layering on both inside and out. 
This green one, I haven't decide what kind of box to hold it yet.  I am thinking of a see through box to show off the cute tea light.

These battery tea light are everywhere now. I even saw them at the dollar store.  It came in a pack of  two tea lights for a $1.  Not bad at all compare to what I paid for these.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Patty O'Malley said...

Love these Helen! I'm thinking I'll have to order some from you if you are making more. Also,love your fabric flowers!

Ann said...

Those are great. I was just at the dollar store yesterday and saw some of those tea lights. Now I wish I would have picked some up.

Rae said...

Cute and clever, Helen. What will you come up with next? I do want to try those flowers you posted in your last blog. I'm scared my fabric will burn more than just the edges! lol Have a great weekend.

eva said...

Very nice!
Excuse me, have not written, was in the hospital

Design Elements said...


Whimcees said...

Hi Helen!

I hope this finds you well! I love the little tea lights - am working on my first project using one. I love the green cake the best! :<)

Wishing you a good weekend!


Barbara Diane

SUGANTHI said...

So beautiful! Really loved it.

Sharri C said...

I love these! I've had a few of these sitting around and had to try this version. I didn't have any small roses so I made my own version with the Boho Blossom and Trio Flower punches using the same technique as for the large flower punch. They are perfect! If I do say so myself. I posted them on my blog with a link to this post as well.( to share. Thanks for the inspiration!

JustNeedling said...

These are beautiful tea light creations! So neat that you can decorate it and never have worry about it getting burn.

Monica said...

So pretty! And what a clever thing to to make and keep them.

xxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Hello Helen! I love all your creations - you amaze me with your talent! Can you tell me if you made those tiny roses yourself - how did you make them? I wished I had your patience as it seems like all your creations take some time to make. Have a wonderful evening!