Friday, August 13, 2010

Congrate Quilling Card

This card will be the last card that was related to the wedding invitations that I recently made.  
A few weeks ago when I was making the wedding invitations, Joan had asked me to go to her daughter bridal shower but I told her no.  She had asked a few more times after that and again I declined.  
Then last Friday,  Joan called and asked me was it possible to make her a special invitation to put in the new photo frame that she bought for her daughter bridal shower.  I told her "Sure, it was possible".  An hour later I called Joan back and told her that her special invitation was done.  Joan didn't question me.  Although, she thought that I was insane.  I took it as a compliment. :)
The new invitation that Joan asked for wasn't any special from the other.  It was just smaller 4" x 6".  Joan had asked for four 5" x 7" special invitations that looked like post cards. She was going to frame them so she didn't need the front of  the invitation.  Then she bought a smaller frame for her daughter.  The frame hold two  4 x 6 photos.  Joan thought it would be nice to have the invitation on one side of the frame and a wedding photo on the other side.  She cut one of the 5 x 7 invitations, of course that didn't fit in the 4 x 6 frame. Joan told me that it took her sometime to call me to make her that invitation. I just didn't understand why would she hesitated.  I told her I was glad she decided to call me to make her that smaller invitation.  The new invitation fit perfectly in the crystal photo frame and I forgot to take the picture.
Joan called me later Friday evening and told me that I HAD to go to the bridal shower.  She wanted to introduce me to a few of her good friends.  I couldn't declined her this time.  Joan was so excited. So I told her O.k I will go to the bridal shower.  I couldn't go empty handed.  I had to make her (the bride to be) something special. I didn't have time to make something elaborated. I was thinking of a mini album or a guest signing book but I didn't have time.  So I made her this card.  This card was inspired from a card that I saw on google.  If you google "quilling cards", you would fine tons and tons of beautiful quilling cards.

I didn't know Desirae well.  I met her once before this so I thought a congrats card would be appropriate.

Here is the inside.

I knew she was going to frame this card so I didn't elaborate the inside.  I like this short and sweet stamp from Whimsical Word (SAB).

It was my first time attending the bridal shower.  Joan was making sure I felt comfortable because I told her I didn't know any body at the shower but it turned out I knew a few people. I told Joan I had a good time and I was glad that she MADE me went.

Thank you for stopping by again.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Lauren said...


This is gorgeous! I love the quilling on the card! I have always wanted to try quilling, but haven't had a chance. Your card makes me want to!


bernietom47 said...

Wow that is fantastic!
Hugs & Blessings Bernie

Rae said...

Glad you went to that shower, too. Your card was lovely.