Monday, August 2, 2010

Baroque Motifs Wedding invitations

Good Morning Everyone!

Phew!!! I did it!  I made at least 125 wedding invitations, 125 response cards, and 125 reception cards.  I made all of them in less then 10 days! I know I am insane!

Here is the front of the finished invitation.

The invitations were very simple, just one layer, that was how the bride to be wanted.  The card stocks that I used were from Paper Trey Ink and I have to admit they have good card stocks.  I will be back there for more.  The bride mate dress is going to be Royal Blue.  Joan found a very good deal on ribbons on this web side here.

After I made 98 of the invitations, I noticed the Baroque Motifs image didn't come out so good. I saw them all along but I was ignoring them.  Here was how it looked.

My first thought was to redo the entire invitations but I didn't have the time or the supply.

 I ran out of Whisper White craft ink refill.  I was really panicked and frustrated.  I just didn't know what to do.  I didn't have time to order the ink refill from Stampin' Up! I was going to use versa mark but I was running low on that also.  

I tried to order the versa mark refill from Paper Trey ink.  They ship faster but their were out of stock. Then I remembered there was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator  near where I live.  I looked her up and called her but she wasn't home.  I expected that because it was 11 AM.   I called a few other SU demos in the area but they were all not home.  

Then in the evening I decided to call the closest SU demo again.  Luckily, Janis picked up the phone.  I introduced myself and asked Janis if she had Whisper White craft ink refill and she said "yes".  I was  SO HAPPY!  We met within 15 minutes.  Another awesome thing, Janis didn't charge me for the refill.  She was giving me the refill! I was really touch.  I told Joan (mother of the bride to be) about it and she was so grateful.  I told Janis that I will replace a new bottle for her when I place my next order. Thank you so much Janis! 

All of these happened last Wednesday.  So now I had some more ink but there wasn't enough ink to redo the entire invitations.  I was still FRUSTRATED!  I was talking to myself in my head,  I couldn't redo the invitations.  I will have to fine a way to fix the images.  I tried to use the versa mark pen and drew on the image then sprinkled with more clear embossing powder.  It fixed the problem but it coursed another problem.  The heat from the heating gun melted the peals and burned the flowers.  I thought "now what!"  It was 10 PM on Wednesday night.   I sat there in my craft room until 12:30 AM then I decided to forget about the invitations and went to bed.  I was going to convention the following morning.  

I woke up and got ready for my first convention experience.   I was hoping to find versa mark refill or some type of slow drying ink at the convention.  I found versa mark refill but I didn't want to pay $8 for it.  I will share my new found toys from the convention in a few days.

Here was how I fixed the images. I pulled off the flowers and the peals off the front of the invitations and then traced the image with versa mark pen and then sprinkled with clear embossing powder.  Then I reheat the image making sure not to over heat it.  And it was FIXED!  I fixed 50 invitations on Thursday  and the rest between  last Friday and Saturday.  I did the RSVP cards and the reception cards first since they were easy.

Here they are

Joan wanted four different invitations for framing.  This is what she asked for.

It is very hard to see but I love the way this invitation came out.  I stamped the swirl from Yummy stamp set (SAB) then I dabbed the shimmery paint on the image before stamping it.  

It has been a very long post already but I'd like to share a little more.  See the wedding color is Royal Blue and  Stampin' Up! color was Brilliant Blue.  I had a lot of Brilliant Blue card stocks. I ordered them last year for Bob and Lindsey wedding and their colors were Almost Amethyst and Brilliant Blue.   But later on they didn't want to use the Brilliant Blue for the invitations and they went with only Almost Amethyst.  So I ended up with all the Brilliant Blue.  Now what does that had to do with this wedding? Desirae (bride to be) is Bob's younger sister.  Wasn't that funny! and her color is Royal blue.

Thank you so much for popping over.  Have a wonderful day!



Michelle said...

Well done Helen

They look amazing!

Such a huge job.

Whimcees said...


Wow! Helen, what an experience! But you stayed in there until you found a solution - you go girl! I love the finished project - you should be very proud of what you accomplished! :<)

Wishing you a great Monday!


Barbara Diane

Creations by Patti said...

Goodness.........what an experience but out of it a great new friend who helped you out!!!! That is good to hear a SU Demonstrator with a generous hand for a great cause!!! These invites and the rest of the ensemble look so great - the bride and groom should be so proud. Great job on this. I knew you would come through on this project! best, Patti

Whimcees said...

Hi Helen!

Saw Patti's great post on your purse today! Love it! You both are my daily inspiration and wonderful friends!

Wishing you everything good today!


Barbara Diane