Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quilling Jewelry

Good Morning,
I am still working on my other baby shower items.  I got a little less than half done.  I wanted to share what I've made before the baby shower order.  I was having so much fun making these.

I saw these quilling jewelry on Etsy and had to make one right a way.

The earrings and the pendent just used simple teardrop shapes but they turned out quite pretty.  I added half back pearls in the center of the flower.

After making the red and black set, I was ready for another set.  So I made these.

I CAS the pendent but I changed the earrings design.

Here is the link to Etsy quilling jewelry.

Thank you for visiting.



Michelle said...

Hi Helen
This looks amazing. I would love to learn how to do this.

Ellis said...

Hi Helen,

beautiful quiling jewellery !

You should take a look here: www.hobbyjournaal.nl ----> creaties(left column)----> filigraan (right column)

There's also a English version of this site. To get there, click on the English flag, at the top of the page.(Membership is free)


eva said...

Very nice!

JustNeedling said...

Wow! These jewelery sets are so pretty! I love the blue one the most just b/c it is my favorite color. lol You are so talented!

Rae said...

This jewelry is fantastic! Your are amazing!

Gaby said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Glitter+Glaze said...

Your work is absolulty beautiful! I just discovered quilling today and I am hooked! Do you mind if I ask you advice on where to buy supplies?

I want to start a quilling blog as soon as I have some materials.