Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kids Mother's Day gifts

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

Just wanted to share my children mother's day presents for me.  They made these from art class at school.  This one was from Ray last year.  I remembered he woke up extra early on Mother's Day and place this on my craft counter top.  Of course I heard him but I waited until he was done.  Then I woke up to open my present.

I was really surprised to see this.

See  the "Stampin' Up!"  phrase! he even wrote it the Stampin' Up! way.  And those squares blocks are the stamps.  It was a really nice gift too bad I no longer have this gift.  Several months ago Faye broke it and I must had been in a really bad mood.  I threw the broken pieces away. I felt so bad when I got my sane back.   I was so glad I had this picture.

Here is this year mother's day gifts from Jay.  He made the flower and he wrapped the gift.

Look at the happy face on the sun! I love it!  I am glad that he wrote the year on it too.  So I will always remember this day.  It's hard to forget this day but who's guarantee old age memories!

Here is another one from his homeroom class.  This one is for the garden.

It's a very special day indeed.  I hope your Mother's Day is just as special and happy.




eva said...

Beautiful gifts made by children.It is so nice.

Rae said...

Happy Mother's Day, Helen. I had a good day. Love your gifts from the boys. They are quite artistic. I hope you are placing Jay's gift out of the reach of Miss Faye. Otherwise, you may be glad of this photo, too.
When is your next class?

Michelle said...

Hi Helen
What gorgeous gifts,what a lucky Mum you are!

Whimcees said...


You are soooooooooo lucky to be at this stage of being a mom! Do hang on to these beautiful gifts as they will bring memories when this child is thinking parenthood! :<)

Barbara Diane

MariLynn said...

What wonderful treasures.

JustNeedling said...

Such a wonderful child you have. Those are very precious gift your child made.