Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second Net card


I finished this card early this afternoon but the weather had been so nice and I decided to work on my yard.  I am happy to say it's ready for some flowers.

Here is my second net card.

I was meant to use two different colors for the net but forgot.  For this net I used the same yarn that I used for the crochets flowers.  I really like this one.  I figure out how to make the net just one layer.  The net looks cleaner than the one from yesterday.  I decorated the front with the mini roses that I made and added a few pearls.  Love it!

Here is the inside.

I had three layers of butterflies for the inside and added dimensional between each butterfly.  After I cut out the butterflies I put them in the embossing folder and ran them through the big shot again.

Here is the side way looks.  The butterflies on the inside of the card pop out through the opening of the net.

Thank you for looking. 



Michelle said...

WOW! Helen this is AMAZING!!!

Patty O'Malley said...

Love this, Helen! I'm a big fan of butterflies, so this is perfect to me!

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment on the young lady with the original net. Yours is stunning. So beautiful. Please tell me how you did this? I could not leave the other lady a comment because I don't speak her language and it didn't like my google log in. Please convey to her how much I admire her work and yours also.

eva said...

My God, how beautiful

kay said...

This is simply stunning, Helen! What a work of art! I've never seen this technique in SU! yet! Thanks for leaving again inspiring comments in my blog :)

JustNeedling said...

Wow! This is beautiful! Interesting technique to do on paper. Love the embossed butterfly inside of the card!

Anonymous said...


Rae said...

WOW!!! Butterfly is Fabulous, and I love the white flourish!