Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Award


Today I wanted to share this award that I've received a few days ago.

This one came always from Bulgaria. Aren't the color lovely!

I don't know her name but she called herself "creative" and boy! The name suits her.  Do check out her blog Beautiful Creative Chaos Art. 

Her cards are one of a kind.  I've never seen card like the ones she made. I wish I could read her blog.  I am high tech challenge.  I don't know how to do the translation on the blog.

Thank you Creative for passing this award to me. I would like to pass this award to:

Barbara Diane at Barbara's World of Whimcees
Michelle at Pink Paper Paradise
Patti at The Frustrated Crafter
Ink Bug at Ink Bug's Stamping Fit

Thank you for stopping by today!



Michelle said...

Hi Helen
Congrats on your award! You are so kind to pass it on to me. I went to the Creative Chaos Art blog and you are right, her work is amazing.

Ink Bug said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! It is my first blog award! And congratulations to you for receiving it, too!


Patti said...

Thank you!!

Ink Bug said...
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Whimcees said...

Hi Helen!

I just returned home - just checking to see what you have been up to! :<) Thank you so much for the lovely award! I looked at her blog and it is great - I will check it out in depth tomorrow!

There is a translator at the top of the right column in her blog and you click on that and pick English (at top end of choices) and it will automatically change all the text to English and you read to your heart's content! :<)

Take care friend! I will write soon!

Barbara Diane