Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Favors

Good Morning Everyone!

I got back from vacation last Friday.  I am not fully back to reality.  That was why I never wanted to go away in the first place because when I came back there are so many things that needed to catch up.  I finished these favors before I went on my little vacation. I made 45 brief cases for a wedding favors. The brief cases are for the men favors.  Here they are.

You can find the brief case tutorial here.  For these brief cases, I used the pizza box style.  It used less paper then the match box brief that I made for the tutorial.

And here are the women favors.

I made 75 of these purses.  The funny thing about this order is I never spoke with the bride.  Remmie is the lady I met at a craft show last year and she is going to decorate the wedding place.  I guess Remmie is the wedding planner. I am not sure.  Any way  she showed the bride my purse and the brief case. The bride to be loved it and wanted to know how much I would charge for 120 favors.  I told her the price and she paid me in full!  Don't you just love that!  Last week was my first time email the bride.  She didn't reply to my email.  Then I email her 2 more times and called her yesterday.  She still haven't contact me.  I still have the favors and the wedding is in less then two weeks.  Oh, well.......

I printed their names on to the card stocks.  Then I cut out two TopNote templates.  I learned this from my up line here . Barb had the writing in the center of the TopNote.  I did mine on the lower right corner. 

Here is how. Cut two pieces of card stock the same size and ran both pieces through the big shot.  Add a little bit of temperately adhesive on the bottom piece so it will stay on the die.

I then took the first template and place it on the card stock that I needed for the front of the purse.  See picture.

Then I lined up the two red card stock templates and ran them through the big shot again.  After that I stamped the flourish from Yummy stamp set (retired).  I didn't use stamp-a-majic for the flourish  because I unmounted most of my wooden stamps.  I used clear block when I needed to stamp and it was working great!

The flower was inspired from Valita.  It was under her video tutorials. 

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Whimcees said...

Hi Helen!

I am so happy to see your posts again - missed seeing them! I hope that you had a fun vacation with your family! :<)

The wedding favors are wonderful! Such a huge project! You are so talented!

Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Creations by Patti said...

Wow - that's a lot of favors to make for someone. They look fabulous and the bride is very lucky to not have to make them. Both the male one and the female purses are perfect. Good job!!


Gaby said...

Hi Helen,

those wedding favors are so beautiful.
I hope the bride got in touch with you by now. Hope she is doing ok.

Have a great day.

Cat said...

The flowers are wonderful...thanks so much for the tutorial. Love your favors...may end up casing them one of these days:D