Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of Quilling Earrings

Hello Everyone,

During my absent from blogging a few weeks ago, I didn't create much of anything.  I was obsessed with making quilling jewelry.  What I meant by obsessed?  Well, see for yourself.

These pictures didn't come out so good.  The quilling earrings are so cute!!!  And these were just some of the earrings that I remembered to take the pictures. 

These earrings are for sale.  Check out the For Sale page on the upper left.

Thanks for stopping by today.



Gaby said...

Oh my God....these are adorable. Gosh, you must have been really busy.

Thanks for showing.

Ellis said...

Hi Helen,

WOW! Your earrings are stunning!

Thank you for the Award!


Rae said...

Beautiful earrings, Helen! I hope you "refreshed" yourself on vacation...

MetalFimo2 said...

che bei orecchini ,mimpiacciono molto ,brava passa da me