Friday, March 15, 2013

Crochet Doll Accessories


Today sharing are all about doll.  My daughter, Faye,  is finally got her first American girl doll and her name is Saige.  Faye had been saving all  the money that was given to her.  She even asked for a job so she could get pay (lol) and  save up the money to buy the doll.   I am in the process of painting a house right now.  She asked if she could help painting and then get pay.  At first I didn't like the idea of a 5 years old  helping me painting.  She insisted so I gave in.  I showed her how to paint and you know what she could do it! We finished 3 rooms together.   And she had enough money for her first American girl doll.

I have to admit that the doll is very pretty.  Love the boots!  She also came with a pair of earring and a ring.  I made the necklace for her.

You knew I can't sew and doll does need new clothes. :) So I crocheted her this dress and hat.

 She also needs at least one accessory to go with the dress right? How about a crochet fat bottom purse?
I used size #3 crochet thread for this purse.

I hope I haven't bored you with this post.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Dawn said...

Wow! This little outfit is so cute - and the purse is just perfect! This is undoubtedly the most fashionable doll around.

Hugs, Dawn

Angel said...

The doll is very pretty ..and the outfits and purse you've made makes it more gorgeous !!..
so sweet of your little one who earned,saved money for her doll..

Betsy Banks Adams said...

OH how pretty... You are so talented, Helen. Love that little dress and her hat and purse... Adorable!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your talents.


Patty O'Malley said...

Adorable outfits!

Ann said...

That is awesome that a 5 year old saved her money and even worked to earn enough to get her doll.
With your crochet abilities I have no doubt that Faye will have an entire new wardrobe in no time :)

Merry said...

I love the dress you crocheted but that bag is really special. Well done to your daughter on saving all the money to buy such a lovely doll.

SUGANTHI said...

So adorable!!. How good a fit it is . Really I am most impressed. And that cute little purse ,Awesome!!!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Helen - your entire story about Faye from start to finish was a delight! I'm totally blown away with your doll clothing - how impressive ... how long did the dress and purse take you to make? I would still be trying to understand the directions!


Esther Asbury said...

Wow -- what a nice surprise to receive in the mail!! Beautiful clothes -- fun gift!

jelly andrews said...

Saige’s outfit made me want to learn how to crochet. It looks so great on her. I really love it especially the fat bottom purse.

joy said...

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