Friday, May 6, 2011

Covering Wooden Photo Frames

Hello Bloggers!
I bought these frames from Michaels last week and yesterday I spent time covering them with pattern papers.

I used Score Tape.  They work so great! and between the Score Tape I used the Tombo glue stick.

The wooden frame is almost 8" square so I cut my paper 8" x 8" and adhere to the frame.  Then I smooth the paper all over.  Trim any excess paper on the outside edge using a craft knife.  Then use sanding block to smooth the edges.

Turn the frame over and make two cut in the center.
Fold the paper over to see how much paper you will need to cut off.  Then adhere double sticky tape at the end of the paper and fold it over.  Used a butter knife or bond folder to smooth the paper.
Once finished you will have a nice clean look on the inner opening.
I cut four 1/2" strips for the sides of the frame.  I ripped the edge before I glue them to the sides. The ripped edges blended the strips together nicely.  Trim off any excess paper.

Here are two more frames.

It did need a little practice.  The brown frame below was my first one.  Notice the gab around the inner frame. I cut out the inner square then I cut another 1/4" piece of paper and tried to cover the inner edge frame.  It didn't give me a clean look and more work.

Then I got better.  For the inner heart I had no choice but to cut out the heart shape then glue a small strip of paper around the inside of the heart.   To make everything blend in nicely I sanded all the edges then I sponged the coordinated color all around.

Stay tune for phase two of the frames.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Monica said...

Awesome, Helen, simply awesome... I love the way you keep coming out with new inspiration for us all... these frames are brilliant and you are ever so kind to share the tutorial. Thanks! Tomorrow my blog completes a year... do come and read my post... I am so grateful to you, Helen for joining me on my crafting journey.

xxx Monica

Ann said...

Those are great. I can't wait to see how you decorate them. I'm sure that it will be something totally fabulous.

Rae said...

Really, Helen? Is there no end to your talents? I think not.... = ]

Michelle said...

Hi Helen

Oooh these look fabulous, I look forward to phase two!

Michelle :-)

ManuK said...

These frames are simply lovely, Helen! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, they are so easy to make and the result is fantastic!

Szalonaisa said...

So simple and so good looking!

amrita said...

Very beautiful and neat. I will try these in one of my craft classes.