Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stars origami mobiles


I thought I take a break from scrap booking post and show these origami mobiles. Last winter, every time I watched movies in the evening, I would make these origami stars instead of munch pop corns or chips.

Each star used four pieces of ribbon and each ribbon piece was about 16 inches long. As you can see I made lots of them ( six mobiles total) and yes I watched lots of movies but they were all at night.

Each Mobile used about 40 stars. Some mobiles used more than 40 stars and some mobiles used less than 40 stars. It was depended on the length of the ribbon string that I used. The top circle were all the same. It used 12 stars. My two sons called these the DNA mobiles. I never thought of it while I was assembling them. But when I stepped back and looked at them they did look like the DNA pictures.

Thanks for visiting. Check back for more origami.


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they are beautiful how did u make this.. can we have a free tutorial