Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Upsy Daisy Note Card

Hello Bloggers!

I used to spend hours sometime days just making one card because I didn't know what I was doing and because I had no experience in card making. I don't have that kind of  time any more. So I turned to
Split Coast Stamper for inspiration.  

Here are my two quick and simple cards.

As always, I appreciated that you have stopped by today.



kiddo said...

Very beautiful and elegant! And if you say it was quick, too, is just great idea! Love the second one a lot!

Ann said...

I still spend hours even days working on one thing. I blame it on a complete lack of confidence in my ability :)
Your cards are lovely as always

SUGANTHI said...

You do make cards quickly I think for days. And you do it so well.

eva said...


Monica said...

So elegant!
xxx Monica

Rae said...

Helen, these cards are gorgeous! I love them both. I must practice this CAS design! : )