Sunday, June 12, 2011

RAK From Monica

Hello Bloggers!

I normally don't post on  Sunday but I wanted to share what came in the mail the other day all the way from Indonesia! RAK from Monica.

Here are the individual picture.

These are handmade papers.  They are shimmery. Pretty aren't they?
Look at those embroidery! 

This one here is pure raw silk.
 This one here is pure silk.
 This one here is hand embroidery chiffon.
And last but not least handmade paisleys and flowers.

The card that came with the items.

I don't think I will use any of these.  I can't cut them into pieces.   I wanted to keep them for as long as possible (lol).  Thank you SO MUCH Monica for sharing these wonderful items with me.   Now I have something unique and special in my craft collections.   This blog thing kept on getting better and better!

Monica made cards and sold them for charities.  She is very good with using natural materials on her cards.  The world need more people like her.  Do stop by MONICA'S BLOG and give her some blog love.

Thanks again Monica!



CG said...

WOW! I gives me a big smile to see two of my favorite bloggers sharing items...what a small world :) That fabric is so could almost frame it!

chillin with Quillin said...

Lovely fabric!!, that was sweet of her to send to you!!

Ann said...

what a great package that was. It must have felt like Christmas getting that :)

Dr Sonia S V said...

You must have felt so good to open up the package. Blog land is such an amazing place!

kiddo said...

Beautiful fabric! And the card is lovely!

Patty O'Malley said...

Lucky you! What a wonderful gift!

Rae said...

What wonderful gifts you received from Monica. I see why you wanted to say Knock-knock to me. You have been very busy, or I have been very absent! lol : )

Monica said...

Oh Helen, You are so gracious and kind... I do hope you will use the stuff and I promise I will send you some more!!! Lol!

Am travelling as I write this - will come and visit your LoVeLy creations when I get back.