Friday, June 11, 2010

Quilling Jewelery

Today,  I have a few more earring to share you.  I made these a while ago.

Yellow and black earring.  I made this a while ago. I thought it didn't come out so good because the center had such a big hole.  I used the slotting tool.

Then I made this daisy earrings.  This one I used the round wooden clip.  I followed the pattern from the quilling jewelery book.  I really like how this turned out.

I made these earring last week.  I was going to wear them to a wedding that I attended last Saturday but changed my mind because my dress was gray and when I tried on the earrings it didn't look nice as I thought it would.

The strips that I used for these earrings were metallic but it didn't show.  For these earrings I used the needle tool.  It was harder to use the needle tool.  But, hey, practices will make perfect!

Beside making the jewelery, I also practiced  a few other quilling shapes because I wanted to make other designs.  When I first looked at the shapes, I thought the square, the rectangle, and the triangle were hard to make.  They were not hard to make at all. I got them the first time.  The half a circle wasn't too hard either.  I thought the crescent was easy, boy, was I wrong!  I didn't know why I had a hard time making the crescent.  I made so many of them and still couldn't make it.

Thank you for taking a peak.



Family American Style. said...

You have a wonderful talent and what you do is beautiful. You can share your site with others by going to Family American Style and go to Show off your creations. I'm also stopping by to let you know that I am doing a giveaway. Stop by and see.

eva said...

Very, very nice

Michelle said...

Wow Helen, your creativity is endless! These look wonderful. Please pop on over to my blog when you have the chance. I have a fun little award for you to play along with if you like.
Kind regards

Ann said...

Your earrings look really nice and your shapes do too!

pianostamper said...

I've tried quilling ... but mine looked nothing like yours. I'm glad you combined it with stamping--beautiful work! I don't have a blog, but am telling my friend (who introduced me to quilling) about you. She's got a blog!

pianostamper said...

I've tried quilling and stamping, so naturally I like your cards. But, I didn't know you could do jewelry with it. Wow! Thanks for the inspiration. I don't have a blog, but am sharing your link with my friend who who introduced me to quilling; she has a blog.