Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High Heel Shoes


I am so excited to share today's post. Today post feature high heel shoe ornaments. Yeah, you read it right. They are ornaments and they are so sticky cute!!!! If you would like to make these high heel shoe ornament go here and click on the videos and tutorials.

These shoes are so cute that my two year old daughter wanted to wear them. She gave me her foot when she saw the shoes. And her older brothers asked if I can make one that would fit her.

I know I shouldn't share these shoes until I make a better one. But they are so irresistible. Do you see the gap on the size? I don't know if my double sized tape was not working right or because I used glossy papers. Any idea?

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Hope you enjoy today's post. Until next time.



valita said...

these are gorgeous thanks for sharing the link...Valita

MariLynn said...

These are stunning. I love the beads. I agree with Valita, thanks for the link.