Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Hello Blogger Friends!

 I will miss the nice weather in Florida but it is good to be back home even though it is cold out.  While in Merritt Island Victor and I  were working on our little yellow trailer home.  We are hoping to retire there one day.  So three times a year we travel 1000 plus miles each way to maintain the trailer/trim the trees.

Then I took the children to the Kennedy Space Center.  Are you wondering where Victor was? I dropped him and his kayak off at a fishing place.  Right around the Kennedy Space Center,  we saw several alligators  but was able to capture only one.

I really need to update my cell phone and catching up with a more updated gadgets   because for this trip I forgot  the internet wireless and my  camera doesn't work as well as before. For nine days we didn't have the internet and everyone survived especially my older son.

 I got the next picture from google.  The tour guy told us that this building is one of the four biggest buildings in the world.  Statue of liberty can easily fit through the door.
The flag on the building was the biggest American flag ever painted.  It used over 60,000 gallons of paint and more than 50 tour buses can park on the flag.

Then there was the Saturn V center.  Again I got the picture below from google.

I didn't hear the tour guy when he told us about the size of the building that house the Saturn V but my son, Jay, told me that the building was as long as 39 stories building.

There were so many things to explore  at the Kennedy Space Center. A one day visit to the center was not enough.  I am a person who like to get my $ worth so I purchased an annual pass to the center.  You would not believe the difference between a one day pass and an annual pass.  A one day pass cost $50 before taxes (it used to be only $25) and an annual pass cost $63 before taxes (it used to be $34 just a few years ago).  We are going to Florida at least 3 times a year so I will definitely be visiting the center again and again.  The new exhibit call the Atlantis will be opened the end of June.  All the astronauts will be there to cut the ribbon.  It will be awesome to be there on the opening day. 

I also did some crocheting and will share that on the next post. 



eva said...

Very interesting you are vacationing

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Helen, Welcome home --although it's still winter here... Hope you enjoyed your time in FL... My brother used to live in Melbourne --so I know about your area very well...

I'm sick that our country has given up their NASA program... Very sad... (I lived near Houston for 12 yrs. and knew many many people who worked for NASA.)

Hope you do get to retire to FL --and glad you can get there at least 3 times a year...


Ann said...

I wouldn't mind traveling to
Florida in the winter. That would be a nice place to retire.

Merry said...

Wonderful photos and looks so sunny and warm.

Monica said...

What lovely photos... glad you survived without internet for nine days. We went to the mountains and my older one could not last even two days without it. Lol.